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Election Day -70: Another One Bites The Dust

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No, not days until the election – another retailer in my high street. It’s next door to the one I blogged about before Christmas – and that shop’s still empty. This time a shoe shop has shut its doors.

One of 12000 shops which will close this year

Last time I wrote about shop closures, I had one or two supportive messages but more “tough luck” sentiments -market forces, survival of the fittest, etc. Of course, there’s some logic to this, but the ultimate conclusion of such an argument is that we end up with no choice at all – just a few retail giants and brand conglomerates – Kraft Dairy Milk from Tescos, anyone? everyone?

Our High Street is under threat, yours in under threat. So I was pleased to see Nick Clegg taking this seriously and launching the Liberal Democrat “Vibrant Local High Streets” policy. We’ll reinvigorate high streets with revitalised post offices offering other services to the community, we’ll reform business rates and cut red tape for small concerns, we’ll ensure they get fairer access to credit.

By creating a fairer and sustainable local marketplace, Lib Dems are doing something positive about this real problem and growing problem. Unlike the Tories round here who are hastening the demise of local businesses with ever-higher parking charges and aggressive parking enforcement which affects shoppers and merchants alike.


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February 25, 2010 at 9:49 pm

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