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Election Day -71: All Party Environment Group

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More on the event I went to on Monday night – one of the things you’re not prepared for as a PPC (or at least I wasn’t) is the massive number of events you get invited to, lots of them in and around parliament. Most are worthy, attendance at most won’t lead to a massive increase in share of the vote. It’s just impossible to attend them all, anyway.

But I chose to go to the above on Monday not just because it was worthy (which it was) and because I’d learn something (which I did) but because it was hosted by Peter Ainsworth MP, who was in the year above me at school. Whatever our political differences (he’s an MP and I’m a newby PPC!) he was totally charming and clearly committed to the environment.

Jonathan Porritt was the keynote speaker and spoke extremely powerfully. He left us with a message of hope and fear at the inevitably large number of new arrivals in Parliament and the change that this may or may not bring.

But what remains most frightening is whether global capitalism has the will to change. Shareholders are still more important than stakeholders, the third way was a dead end. Keeping shareholders happy means sales and marketing being the drivers of commerce, not conservation and the environment. When I go to bed in a minute and get a new tube of toothpaste out of its glossy box, that packaging has not been designed with recycling in mind but with shelf appeal. Good night.


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February 25, 2010 at 12:04 am

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