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Election Day -69: Football in the Park (and no it won’t be Mar 25)

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Last time I got involved with football in the park it was protesting about permanent 5-a-side pitches being built in Regent’s Park with the loss of meadowland and 60 mature trees. I fought against that, and like to think I played a minor role in the proposal’s defeat.

This time the furore’s about showing World Cup games in Regent’s Park, and I’ve been less sure about where I stand. Although I’m a Friend of Regent’s Park and Primrose Hill, the local organisation which opposes it, it’s not a permanent change and at first sight looks like a good party for the 20,000 expected to attend.

However, I’m climbing down from the fence and siding with the so-called killjoys. I love a good party, especially an open air one on my doorstep, but also on my doorstep is London Zoo.

The Zoo’s been there for longer than the World Cup’s even existed, and deserves some respect, as do all the animals therein (and yes, before anyone else points it out, I am a patron of London Zoo). As ZSL Director Ralph Armond says, the exceptional noise levels (predicted to equal Concorde taking off) would poise a serious threat to animal welfare. The planned site within the park is literally metres away from the Zoo – not much thought seems to have gone into this – eyes on the revenue opportunities rather than the practical realities.

Let’s do this in London’s other open spaces, not right by the Zoo. And note this isn’t a not-in-my-back-yard argument – I wish it was, then I could stumble home.


Written by markblackburn

February 26, 2010 at 5:05 pm

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