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Election Day -64: Lib Dem London Region Conference

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Last night was a good night for Westminster Liberal Democrats. We had a fantastic presence at the conference, which was well rewarded by our winning the runners-up prize of £400 (not quite Ashcroft millions but it all helps), to be spent on a campaign to win Euro voters in the council elections. Congratulations to Sonia and Ben who put the work in.

The conference was book-ended with great speeches, both of which reminded me why I’m a Liberal Democrat and why the Liberal Democrats are the only and the right party to make this a fairer Britain.

Chris Huhne started by talking about Ashcroft and ended up (after discussing the other three ways we’d make Britain fairer) by talking about fairness in banking. I can’t help seeing a connection here – the British public are fed up with sleazy easy money, whether it’s for bankers, non doms or political parties, and that’s a real reason why the Tories are struggling; that gap’s going to get narrower and narrower and Lib Dems will play a more and more meaningful role in British politics.

Floella Benjamin closed the conference and moved me and a lot of others. She’s a celeb who’s had the guts to nail her flag to the mast of the party she knows GENUINELY believes in a Britain fairer for all. The time of self-serving lies, pretence and spin is over – make way for an honest, passionate party that really cares about ALL the people.


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March 4, 2010 at 11:57 am

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