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Election Day -58: You SHALL go to the ball

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Very interesting manouvring by Tories tonight – big dilemma – posh Westminster City Council Civic Dinner (at council tax payers’ expense – £23,000) on at same time as important but unglamourous Council Ward Forum for Abbey Road and Regent’s Park? What to do?!

Well, most of the councillors didn’t bother coming at all (not that their attendance is that great at the best of times), leaving stalwart Lindsey Hall to make their apologies – though she didn’t say WHY they were absent! Cyril Nemeth, bless him, was dressed in his finest ceremonial garb which somewhat gave the game away, and left early. Joanne Cash was there briefly, but probably for better reasons also left smartish.

There was a good attendance from the public, a lot of displeasure at council parking policy and disquiet over some major planning issues in the constituency – see my earlier blogs.

Lindsey Hall earned my respect by staying to the end and running the show virtually single-handedly. But the more serious question is, why the hell are our Tory councillors spending all this money on a flash dinner for their cronies when money is tight and services are being cut?


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March 9, 2010 at 10:48 pm

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