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Election Day -56: The Undecided

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Canvassing this evening, and what struck me was that there seem to be more and more “undecided”s. This was in a traditionally Tory area, but there does seem to be a real lack of passion for the Conservatives. Unlike ’97, when there was a real enthusiasm (albeit a mistaken one) for change under “New” Labour, this time voters are looking for change but they’re not seeing excitement or salvation coming from the Tories.

I had one interesting doorstep conversation with a woman who did come down for a chat, if only to tell me she was going to rip up her ballot paper. I agreed that politicians had done the country no favours, but pointed out that the Liberal Democrats offered a real chance of change and a fairer society. In her litany of political crimes the woman mentioned Iraq – that was my entry. After a few minutes we were laughing, and sharing tales of our experiences on THAT protest. “Well, leave me something to have a look at”, she said, “and if I do vote, it’ll be for you”.

By the end of the evening, I had evidence that more and more voters in Westminster North are taking the Lib Dems seriously. After the televised debates, I think they’ll be taking us even more seriously. Eight weeks today, and everything to play for.


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March 11, 2010 at 10:21 pm

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