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Election Day -52: We’re the Stars of CCTV

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Yes, good folks of Westminster, we’re back on camera! After last year’s fiasco when our beloved council spent £850,000 on illegal CCTV cameras which had to be taken down again because they didn’t comply with government rules, the new ones are up and on a street corner near you.

But what are they pointing at this time? Despite assurances last time round that they were there for our own protection, most of them seemed to be pointing at single yellow lines whereupon parking tickets were issued remotely to unknowing motorists.

I have to admit personal interest in this instance – I got a ticket for waiting for 2 minutes and 38 seconds outside a shop while my wife popped in and fetched something. I was parked perfectly safely on a single yellow line and I was in attendance of the vehicle the whole time. The camera was hidden in a flower basket on street furniture on the opposite side of the road.

So take a look up around you next time you’re walking the streets of Westminster, and ask yourself, is that camera pointed at a crime hotspot or is it targeted at a nice juicy revenue-producing single yellow line?

I’d be interested to hear…


Written by markblackburn

March 15, 2010 at 9:54 pm

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