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Election Day -39: IS it what it says on the tin?

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On Friday lunchtime I squeezed in a quick visit to the Zoo for the re-launch of their Clore Rainforest Gallery. It’s fantastic – an already good exhibit made even better now you can get closer still to the animals – I almost tripped over a monkey wandering around the steamy paths of the jungle-like atrium.

But this blog is about branding. I was speaking to the wonderful Anna from the development team there, and she mentioned how a certain drinks brand has sold a 30% share to a major conglomerate with appears to have slightly different “brand values”, and wondred whether this might cause it to lose its innocence? That got me thinking – I love my Green and Black’s 70% criminal strength dark chocolate, but G&B’s got bought by Cadbury’s which has now been swallowed up by Kraft. I used to buy my sandwiches from Pret but now they’re part-owned by McDonalds. When I worked in the shoe trade, Nike bought Converse, an indie-kid anti-establishment brand if ever there was one, but how many Converse wearers even know that really they’re wearing a pair of Nike’s? Anna didn’t.

We don’t know if it IS what it says on the tin. Do we care if it is what it says on the tin? I’m not sure. As long as the tin looks nice.


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March 28, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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