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Election Days -37 to -33: We’re All Doomed!

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Election Day -37
Went to the James Lovelock talk at the Queen Elizabeth Hall – as is well documented elsewhere, a lot of confusion afterwards. The message seemed to be – it’s too late, but you should still do what you can. So I’ll keep doing the recycling and walking/oystering whenever I can – at least I’m not making anything any worse.

Election Day – 36
When I was one of London’s (if not the UK’s) prime sneaker gurus (and I was – honest – one of the first to bring in Troop, British Knights, adi shelltoes, Nike SMUs etc into the UK) I did the occasional TV interview but on Wednesday I did my first political one for CNN. They’re focussing on Westminster North as a key marginal – it’s also pretty handy for a quick sortie from the studio, I expect – and will be showing it when the election is announced. Very soon, then. Think it went well, we’ll see.

Election Day -35
Just five weeks to go then! Spent the morning on a visit to the Tubelines depot at Edgware where they’re starting to prepare the trains for the Northern Line upgrade. I was interested to hear why this would be any different to the Jubilee Line fiasco. Tubelines say lessons have been learnt and paint themselves as the piggy in the middle between LU and the passenger (I’m not going to say customer). Give us the time we need to do the job and we’ll do it, they say. They better – if this one runs late, we’ll be in the middle of the Olympics…

Election Day -34
Systems systems systems. I’m putting in place procedures and systems which will help us carry on after the May elections. Any victory this time round will merely be the first in the war which will see us grow and grow in Westminster. We ain’t going away!

Election Day -33.
My pleasure with our Bayswater team’s performance today outweighs my distress at that of my football team. New deliverers, new supporters, new voters – a change is in the air. 23% and rising.


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April 3, 2010 at 7:42 pm

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