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Election Day – 23: Westminster Council facing £50m lawsuit

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Mmm, been a bit remiss on the intended daily blogging. First we had a wedding in Italy to attend and then a general election seems to have been called! So been rather busy since I got back.

But the latest fiasco with Westminster’s mismanagement of its parking demands attention. I was appalled to see in the local papers that Westminster City Council face a £50million lawsuit over their messed-up tendering process for the Borough’s parking contract. I have been highly critical of the Council’s parking policies (see previous blogs), but this tops it all – if the Council were to lose this case, the sum of £50million would dwarf even the £17million at risk after their investment in Icelandic banks.

Also, if there really is £50million in lost profits at stake, then why is this being outsourced to foreign companies anyway? The obsession with outsourcing takes profits away from council tax payers, out of the local economy and puts the money in distant, private hands.

The Conservative monopoly over Westminster City Council’s gone on long enough, time for real change.


Written by markblackburn

April 13, 2010 at 3:32 pm

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