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Election Days -15 to -13: Nick Clegg’s fault!

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It just gets crazier and crazier! In a good way. Email inbox bulging with offers of help, phone incessantly ringing with same and enquiries from every sort of journalist – local school magazines to national TV stations. And then there’s thousands of leaflets to deliver and doors to knock on.

Been out on the streets every day – saw the Tories again last night but no TV crews around this time!

This afternoon we were out and about in Westbourne Grove, where we’ve been highlighting the plight of local retailers who feel they get a very raw deal from the Council, and they gave us a great reception. This was particularly gratifying as we had a reporter and photographer from the Wood & Vale local paper in tow! Voters approaching unsolicited and wishing us well, and Tory scare tactics not working – the local business community wants the best heads working together.

Right now I’m writing as I’m waiting to be summoned to Acton to pick up our leaflet to deliver this weekend – latest ETA 9.30pm. We had a record turnout of helpers last weekend and I’m really excited about this one – I hope we’ll have even more coming out to help. And I need to have something for them to deliver!

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April 23, 2010 at 6:32 pm

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