Election Day -11: Marathon campaign

Yesterday morning on my way to our campaign HQ I saw a boy of about 13 walking along my street wearing a Lib Dem sticker – he certainly wasn’t old enough to vote but just seeing him seemed to summon up what’s going on at the moment – 500,000 newly registered voters, most of them young, with a belief that at last real change could be on the way.

This close to the election you might be surprised to hear that I gave myself the afternoon off, but I went to watch my brother and others running the London Marathon for the British Red Cross. We’re all very proud of him – just turned 50, stranded in the US by the ash until Friday evening, and still got round in a very respectable 4 hr 38.

Hope it also went well for my mate Andy who was running in the Virgin caterpillar and Marcus – the small but perfectly formed cartoon museum. The Marathon was a real festival of spirit and achievement and shows just what London can do, fantastic performance by all. One day I’ll relive my glory days of 82 and 83…

The Red Cross reception afterwards coincidentally took place in the National Liberal Club – first time I’ve been in there for non-political reasons since we got married in 1993!