Election Day -10 to -8 Hustings and Japanese Journalists

Getting too busy to blog now, its more and more manic, with absolutely no let up in the support for and interest in the Liberal Democrats, which I predict will surge higher after tonight’s final leaders’ debate.

I am spending all my time answering constituents and journalists, delivering and canvassing. The hustings was my first ever, and I was pleased overall; strong start on the economy and strong finish on crime, with a bit of a wobble in the middle caused by random heckle. Onwards and upwards.

Last night a journalist following the elections one of the main Japanese news agencies shadowed me – he saw canvassing “warts and all”! Mostly very positive feedback but one fairly extreme “a plague on all your houses” reaction.

Tomorrow you can hear all the main three candidates on BBC London 94.9 Drivetime, and I believe that’s the last joint public engagement before the election…

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