Election Day -1: Last Blog before the Election!

I really must get some sleep soon, been tweeting and FBing and emailing after a full-on day of politic-ing, and I’ve got to be up in a few hours for the Good Morning leaflet drop. But I’m still high on adrenaline after another tremendous day in the constituency – the polls have bounced right back in our favour and my team’s just qualified for the Champion’s League for the first time ever!

But before I go, two things – first, remember your vote tomorrow is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to secure real change, not just a blue rinse, so don’t fall fearful of the press conspiracy to push hope under for another who knows how many years.

And secondly, thank you everyone – all the old faithfuls who’ve never had to work so hard, the hordes of new supporters and members who’ve enthusiastically joined our campaign, friends and family who have pitched in, and everyone who’s had an encouraging word to say along the way – and it hasn’t always been easy!

To the record number of people who are now reading this, I say Goodnight, and tomorrow VOTE WITH YOUR HEART!