Election Day +5: Thank You

So, that’s that then, and we’re on the brink of a new government being formed – it looks like (despite the efforts of the Tory press) enough people voted Lib Dem to give us influence and temper toxic Tory tendencies.

For my part, I was squeezed in Westminster North but pleased that the winner was a woman with integrity who genuinely cares for her constituents. We tried hard to focus our efforts on getting a council seat – we didn’t manage this but we beat Labour into a distant 3rd and narrowed the gap on the Tories.

I’d like to use my final “Election Day” blog to thank all the members, supporters and voters – and to list some of the tributes to our campaign below:

“Well done on a great campaign (best ever in these parts I think)” – senior party strategist.

“I just wanted to tell you that whatever happens today I think you’ve fought a brilliant campaign” – phone call on polling day from anonymous voter.

“Mark, I really admire the job that you locally and your leader nationally have done” – blog post

“Mark Blackburn made a stonking speech tonight: ‘Let’s no longer pander to the politics of fear’ ” – a fellow LibDem candidate

“Your votes were EXCELLENT. Please keep working over the next four years” – another LibDem candidate

“I am so impressed by your work and energy – and if I lived in Westminster North might even be tempted to vote for you” – a Labour Party supporter

“Awesome!” – a new member

I’m not just posting all this for my own benefit (though it is heartening to read!) but as a tribute to all of you who helped in this campaign. Thank you all. And so that’s it for now – but I’ll be back – whether it’s five months or five years!

Goodbye for now,


4 thoughts on “Election Day +5: Thank You”

  1. Mark,
    Nice to see you sign off on such a positive note.
    I was wondering / hoping you might do so. Congratulations on the all the feedback.
    Well done, keep going.

  2. Hi there Mark
    So pleased that at least the Tories did not gain Westminster North, and on a side note, as a candidate in Church Street Ward, we got rid of the Tory who won the by-election!
    So what are the plans now for LibDems in Westminster North and the City?

    1. Hi Chris, good to hear from you.
      The future for Westminster Lib Dems is all to be decided at an exec mtg this very evening, but I suspect we will continue to concentrate on our target wards in each constituency with a view to winning council seats in the 2014 elections.

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